Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simple Wood Fabric Cutting Board

My mom has decided to go back into business making dresses and costumes, something she used to do many years ago. One thing she realized along the way is that she does not have a good cutting surface to work on when she needs to lay her fabric out for cutting and so forth. So, I went to a local construction supply recycling center and found the table top from an old ping pong table and used that nice surface because it was smooth and durable. However, cutting down the board proved more challenging than I had imagined as the tough particle board it was made from chipped badly no matter what kind of saw I used.

The solution was to put a wood frame around the rough edges and to fill in the bad edges with wood filler. Then I painted the surface with chalk board paint and put some measuring lines on it with a silver art pen. The board is very heavy but durable. I found this to be a very challenging project because, like I said, the tabletop was very hard to work with. I really don't know what kind of material I would have used otherwise as most woods are too soft to endure scissors and Exacto knives.

I wouldn't consider this item esthetically pleasing and not one of my prouder projects, but hey, it serves it's function and every little bit counts.

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