Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How It Starts is Not Always How It Ends

I kind of took this weird old cabinet that a friend gave to me and decided I was going to strip it down, flip it on it's back and make a storage chest out of it complete with a padded cloth interior. However, the project sat around for about 3 years never really seeing any progress. I was just a bit too wrapped up in my Phonograph restoration.
Finally, after moving to my new house, I was determined to do something with it. I got it out of storage and started making a lid for it out of old pine slats I had left over from an old Futon I had stripped down a few years ago.

At the same time, I had a plastic tote full of wood scraps and other odd pieces of left over furniture remnants that I would keep around for our fireplace we had in our old house. Nothing painted or treated of course, just plain scraps. Our new house doesn't have an indoor wood burning fireplace, so the wood pieces were basically just in my way.

We decided to buy one of those little outdoor fire pits for our patio and could use the scraps in there. I wanted to put the tote outside but the wood would get wet and the tote would just hold water. I decided that the storage cabinet project I started would make an excellent outdoor wood storage box. I realized that I just didn't need that cabinet for anything else.

I slapped some outdoor paint on it and some fancy wood feet from an old Ikea-like cabinet we had decided not to use those feet on. Works much better now. And it keeps the wood mostly dry without sealing up any moisture.

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