Sunday, September 20, 2015

Updates and Such

It's been a little while since I have been here. It's funny because I have been busy doing various restorations. Just been a little lazy on posting some of that stuff on this blog site.

The poster sign I blogged about a few months ago was sold to a gentleman looking for some cool stuff to fix up his new 'Mancave'. It was just sitting in my basement in storage and doing nothing for me.

Since that happened, I bought another jukebox. This was a CD Playing unit made by Rowe built in 1991. I spent a little time trying to repair the overhead door on the unit and various electrical issues with the lighting. If you look in the top left of the photo, you can see the big crack in the door. I tried to repair the crack, but it kept cracking again and again. In the end, the cost to repair far outweighed what the machine was truly worth. So, I stripped it for it's parts, repaired and lubricated any of those parts that needed some TLC and started putting various parts up on eBay. I have already made my money back on what the unit cost me so any funds after that, go to financing any other projects I have going on.

If anyone is looking for parts for this machine, drop me a message and I will let you know if I still have what you are looking for.

In June, I picked up a third Jukebox. This was a Seeburg Mardi Gras which was built in approximately 1977. The unit looks like something the Bee Gees would have put in their hangout. This unit is also not without its issues. Mice had gotten into the cabinet and eaten the subwoofers and most of the insulation. Surprisingly though, they didn't damage any wiring.

The mechanism is also seized in the back and will require a complete tear-down and lubrication. It's a big undertaking so I suspect it will be a slow and careful process.The front middle bottom glass is also missing but otherwise, the unit is mostly in need of some cleaning up and adjustment. And new speakers.

 My Rock-Ola 484, which was the first unit I bought and what started my love for fixing more of these things is working great. I have been slowly buying new parts for it as I can find them and afford them. A few weeks ago, I sourced a new back access door for this one. All that's left in that project is to replace the locks and two small cosmetic pieces that are missing. Otherwise, the machine is working fantastic and I may eventually put it up for sale once I have more working units in my collection. Right now, it is kind of like my demo model as I have no way to show off my work if I do not even have a working model in my house.

I also picked up an old Marconi radio from the 1930's that I intend to work on, I have a Cuckoo clock from the 50's to clean up and repair for my Grandfather and just finished restoring a Sony Turntable from the 80's for a coworker who pulled it out of storage recently and found it was in need of some repair and calibration.

I will update this Blog in more detail as I go along with each of the above-mentioned projects. The hardest part is remembering to take pictures and to get them moved to this Blog site.

Till I Post Again!

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