Monday, August 23, 2010

Turning a Telephone Table into a Record Stand

I had this old telephone table kicking around in the workshop for a while. The wood was very dry and cracked with what appeared to be mold marks in some places on tiny areas. I found it extremely easy to take this apart and had set forward to convert it into a magazine rack. I was going to put a fabric hammock sort of thing inside and let the magazines hang in the fabric.

I had actually put the project aside again because I wasn't completely satisfied with how it was coming along. About 3 months later, I decided to pull out my old record 45's from their plastic totes and listen to a few. What I noticed from all of this is that I actually missed the days when I used to have these out to be played whenever I felt like it.

I sat down in the workshop to see if I could come up with a little stand or storage cabinet that I could put them all in so they could be alphabetized and easily accessible. I happen to look at my old magazine rack project, and after some measurements, realized that it was the perfect fit for all my old 45's. So, a few adjustments to the design and some paint to hide the mold staining (wouldn't sand out because it was deep in the wood), I now have a nice, and portable, record stand.

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