Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hey! Long Time, No See....

It turns out that I have been a very busy guy lately. I was laid off of my full-time job a few years ago and went back to the books to learn computer repair. I got myself certified A+ and went off to do a few retail computer technician jobs. Really, the bottom line is that retail REALLY sucks! I attempted to start a computer repair business of my own, which was actually starting to go somewhere. Unfortunately, I really didn't have the time I thought I did and eventually shelved the idea for now. During that time, I made some big changes in my personal life which unfortunately, put my furniture restorations on hold but did pay off on a personal level. Winter also had a hand in that. Turns out that running two electric heaters in my garage launched my electric bill up to almost $500 more in less than two months. Whoa! So, I wasn't getting anything done in the garage that year. The next year, someone broke into my garage and stole a bunch of random useless stuff which totaled to less than what the broken window will cost to replace. So, last winter, having a garage with an open window was really pointless to heat as well. I was happy that they didn't steal any of my tools or wood projects that were sitting in storage. However, after almost two years of working for low wages and high stress and trying to make it on my own, my former employer who had laid me off, hired me back but this time as an onsite computer tech and IT support. That was pretty exciting. I spent most of last year and this year, so far, completely renovating my basement level for a new bedroom, office area and a separate laundry room. I am just getting to the last little bits and pieces of that project and have actually started working on my furniture projects again. I am finally back and looking forward to updating everyone on what I have been doing since my last post over a year ago. Thanks for sticking around during my absence

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