Friday, February 25, 2011

Sanding the Phonograph

I started to sand down the old wood from what I had left of the phonograph. It's been tricky because I have been sanding off the old varnish with a coarse sandpaper. I can only use the coarse stuff to get the varnish off and then I have to stop before I start sanding away too much of the wood underneath. Then I use a lighter sandpaper to remove any deep stain or weather damage below the surface.

I would like to use a stripper instead but right now, being that it is -35C outside, opening a door and turning off the electric heat is not a good option. Fumes would be an issue not only for my health but also that it could ignite the heaters. I figure though, by the time I get to summer, it will be safe to open the big door to give the finished cabinet it's staining. Again, right now, in the winter, fumes are an issue even with new varnish.

The good news is that there is still some good pine under all that surface damage. The bad news is that I could be blowing through more than $20 just in sandpaper to get the cabinet prepped for reassembly and final varnish.

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